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Services Explained

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What do we do?

We build data infrastructure and assistive interfaces to help you make informed decisions and optimize production

Manufacturing can be a challenging process that requires a great deal of expertise. To maximize success you also need to understand data and use it effectively.

Our Approach

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Agile working mode to give you the quickest return-on-invest

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Focus on extensibility, maintainability, and scalability

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Modular & replaceable components to mitigate vendor lock-in

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Integrated in your landscape via standardized interfaces

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Laying ground for industrial IoT

We help you navigate the path to Industry 4.0 and beyond. From automation and data analytics to AI and IoT.

Connect your machines

Gather machine signals and combine them with various other data sources

Gain visibility & transparency

Track relevant machine KPIs to gain insights about your production from anywhere at all times

Leverage data to generate value

Identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement to optimize OEE

Smart manufacturing requires smart interfaces for humans

The ability to effectively interact with data is crucial for success. Assistive interfaces provide intuitive ways to work with data, fine-tune parameters and externalize expert knowledge.

By externalizing expert knowledge, these interfaces ensure that teams can operate machines more effectively even if they lack specialized knowledge or experience.

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Machine Monitoring Console

Edge AI for Industrial Equipment

Realize trend analyzers, anomaly detection, equipment setup recommenders to make use of equipment data - and all this at the facility.

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Processes of Edge AI for Industrial EquipmentProcesses of Edge AI for Industrial Equipment

Case studies

We guide you on the path to Industry 4.0 based on your individual needs

Driving TRUMPF's Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) business model with prenode remote operations solution


TRUMPF’s customers face several challenges in their operations, reflecting the broader issues encountered in industrial manufacturing. These encompass a shortage of skilled workers, time constraints arising from shrinking lot sizes, and low utilization of existing systems.

Therefore, TRUMPF carried out a new business model, Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS), where payment is based on the production of individual sheet metal parts and TRUMPF experts assess and resolve errors remotely for their worldwide customers.

To effectively support this approach and enhance their service offerings, TRUMPF sought an integrated and value-added solution for their machines.

How we helped

We have developed a comprehensive solution for remote operations of TRUMPF's laser cutting machines. This solution enables live monitoring of machine signals and industry-grade camera streaming. It provides an intuitive interface for remote operators to quickly receive notifications of failures, assess the machine's state, and resolve errors, minimizing machine downtime and keeping the operations running smoothly.

Additionally, the solution is highly integrated into TRUMPF's system landscape and full-service model, from order to cut part.

To learn more about TRUMPF’s offering, visit their official Pay-per-Part website.

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Technologies we use

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