Driving TRUMPF's Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) business model with prenode remote operations solution

In partnership with TRUMPF, we successfully implemented an innovative technology that transforms Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) model in the sheet metal industry. With this collaboration, we have effectively tackled TRUMPF's challenges and introduced a remote operations solution that seamlessly combines live monitoring and remote access capabilities, enabling swift and efficient troubleshooting. By optimizing real-time operations, enhancing cost transparency, and driving profitability, this innovative technology holds immense potential for the sheet metal sector and beyond. Furthermore, our remarkable collaboration has won the prestigious Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA) 2023 in the "SCALE!" category.


TRUMPF’s customers face several challenges in their operations, reflecting the broader issues encountered in industrial manufacturing. These encompass a shortage of skilled workers, time constraints arising from shrinking lot sizes, and low utilization of existing systems.

Therefore, TRUMPF carried out a new business model, Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS), where payment is based on the production of individual sheet metal parts and TRUMPF experts assess and resolve errors remotely for their worldwide customers.

To effectively support this approach and enhance their service offerings, TRUMPF sought an integrated and value-added solution for their machines.

How we helped

We have developed a comprehensive solution for remote operations of TRUMPF's laser cutting machines. This solution enables live monitoring of machine signals and industry-grade camera streaming. It provides an intuitive interface for remote operators to quickly receive notifications of failures, assess the machine's state, and resolve errors, minimizing machine downtime and keeping the operations running smoothly.

Additionally, the solution is highly integrated into TRUMPF's system landscape and full-service model, from order to cut part.

To learn more about TRUMPF’s offering, visit their official Pay-per-Part website.

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prenode has greatly helped us to implement our new Pay-per-Part business model. For remote operations, prenode brought its expertise to decentralized software systems and defines the direction of expansion with the help of AI. - Dr. Jens Ottnad, R+D Head Data & AI at TRUMPF


Our remote operations solution facilitates the advancement of TRUMPF's EaaS model, resulting in multiple advantages for both them and their customers. Firstly, the solution boosts overall efficiency, allowing for increased production of parts within the same time limit and lowering the cost per part. Importantly, it also mitigates risks associated with machine failures. Moreover, by providing enhanced transparency into real-time machine states and camera feeds, operators can remotely monitor every movement and act accordingly, driving operational efficiency for TRUMPF's customers.

This partnership between prenode and TRUMPF laid the groundwork for the future development of remotely controlled machines, furthering the industry's efficiency, profitability, and innovation.

Our collaboration led us to win the Microsoft and Roland Berger's Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA) 2023 in the category "SCALE!".




TRUMPF is one of the world's leading companies for machine tools, lasers as well as electronics for industrial applications.






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