Artificial intelligence (AI) introduction

This training provides (product) managers, development managers and senior management with a comprehensive basic understanding of the possible uses of AI in their industry, promotes innovative thinking and provides direct insights into improving efficiency and customer service through practical examples and expert discussions.

  • Create a basic understanding: Give participants a solid understanding of AI basics.
  • Overview of current AI technologies and trends: Highlight the latest AI developments and their relevance for public transport.
  • Develop an understanding of AI application scenarios: Present specific AI applications in public transport to provide inspiration for your own projects.
  • Realistic assessment of opportunities and limits: Illustrate the current limits and ethical considerations of AI technology.
  • Promoting innovative thinking: Encourage participants to think about innovative AI solutions for their work.
  • Dialogue and networking: Provide a platform for exchange and dialogue between participants and experts.
Framework conditions
  • Duration: 0.5–3 days depending on requirements
  • Where: prenode office/at your working place/Online
  • Participant: 5–20 people
  1. Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Current technologies and trends in AI
  3. AI use cases
  4. Opportunities and limits of AI
  5. Workshop conclusion and Q&A
For whom
  • Product managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Business Developer
  • Department or division heads
  • managing directors
  • The training courses are also open to all other interested parties who are interested in the topics covered.

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Robin Hirt

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